Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ways to Know If Your Food Is Really Organic!

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."
- Hippocrates
In spite of the loud buzz being created about consuming only organic products, there are some factors that you need to be skeptical about. Do not fall prey for the smart marketing tools being applied to you and your family. Yes, everyone would willingly agree to go organic, it being at the cost of your health and the well- being of your family. Nevertheless, be a smart organic buyer. Raw, unprocessed and unconventionally produced foods do conduct a great deal of benefits for your health, yet know where to draw the line... This line is in reference to whether all the foodstuff in your house are "really" organic?
Below have been put forth some facts to enable you to understand what you are up against:
You may already be well- aware of the organic product suppliers in your vicinity or online for that matter and you might be completely convinced about the food he/ she delivers at your house. However, are you aware of the following? Take a look:
• Labels that are genuine and meet the standards set by the USDA or other vital organic food governing bodies.
• The harmful effects of pesticides that enter your body from non- organic products.
• The major deception called "organic junk food".
Well, it is crucial for you to be well- informed about all the aspects that surround this word called 'organic'. Get acquainted at the earliest to banish the chances of standing cheated.
An unadulterated fact that you should be aware of is that organic products have "real" health benefits. Here is how:
• Organic fruits and vegetables possess 40% more antioxidants than its conventional equivalent.
• They are also known to have higher levels of good health imparting minerals such as iron and zinc.

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